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Asbestos in Schools


We have no commercial links to these organisations. We include the links as they may be helpful to those seeking more information on asbestos or on those organisations attempting to alleviate and prevent the damage it causes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the sites or the authority of their conclusions and suggest that the reader assesses their standing by checking their referenced authorities and comparing their recommendations and referenced facts with those on this site and others.

The Asbestos Victims Support Forum

Link to the Asbestos Victims Support Forum

British Asbestos Newsletter

Link to the British Asbestos Newsletter

Joint Union Asbestos Committee

Link to the Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) is formed from the union members of the Asbestos in Schools Group (AiS). It works in conjunction with the AiS and supports its aim and objectives. It has launched a new Website www.juac.org.uk.

Founded in 2010, Joint Union Asbestos Committee protects education workers by raising awareness of asbestos in schools, seeking improved management of asbestos in education sector buildings and ultimately to seek the safe removal of the asbestos. JUAC comprises appointed representatives from the six major teaching unions (ASCL, , ATL , NASUWT, NAHT NUT, Voice) and the four major general industrial unions (UNISON, Unite the Union, UCATT and the GMB).

If you’re interested in finding out further information, please email Julie Winn (julie.winn@juac.org.uk). You can also follow the Committee on Facebook.

Asbestos in Schools Wales

Ais Wales is part of the Asbestos in Schools Group.

Link to its web site  

AiS Wales has launched a parents right to know campaign:
Right to Know: Asbestos in Schools, Wales campaign, is calling for the creation of a central accessible register or database of asbestos in schools in Wales. The purpose of the register or database, is to provide easily accessible information as to the presence of asbestos in individual schools, for those working in schools together with parents and guardians.

The Petition is as follows and can be signed at this link:

"We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to put measures in place to ensure that parents and guardians of children across Wales can easily access information about the presence and management of asbestos in all school buildings.
Given the health risks associated with the presence of asbestos in public buildings, we believe parents and guardians across Wales have:

    • the right to know if asbestos is located in their school
    • the right to know whether, where asbestos is present, it is being managed in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
    • the right to access that information easily online"


    Additional site run by us

    www.schoolasbestosaction.co.uk gives parents the ability to check their own school's asbestos management and gives them the facts to assess the effectiveness of the plan. The site is also a campaigning site with a list of common sense measures the government, the HSE, LEAs and schools should adopt to make management effective.