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Asbestos in Schools

BBC Radio 4 Face the Facts 1987 Asbestos in Schools - Summary Notes

BBC Radio 4 FACE THE FACTS Reference: 84882 (1) Date: 15/06/1987
Category        RADPROG         Cat Number      946969 
Item title      FACE THE FACTS  Analogue or Digital     15     
Format  MONO    Station         PROG   
Duration        0:24:34         Time in         0:00:00        
Reference Number        84882 (1)                      
SBH:FACE THE FACTS - the problem of asbestos in schools and the case of Camelot School in south west London. refs. to secrecy surrounding finds in several schools. Presenter: John Waite -PRE:Prof. Charles Rossitor (London School of Hygiene); Stephen Hughes MEP Rowe: workmen found asbestos in kitchen of Camelot School. Lavender: not told why school was being evacuated. Rowe: despite ILEA meeting still worried. Cronin: mother won't let her have school dinners. Perkins: kitchen staff who swept it up given no info. Rowe: schools sitting on time bomb. Roberts: what happened at Sladebrook School, Brent - discovery kept secret. Hussain: parents last to know about discovery at Thomas Buxton School. E. London. Williams: what they discovered after schools inspection. Cantor: local authorities feel unable to do anything because of lack of money. Moorcroft: describes procedure for fibre detection. Tate: not being given true picture of amount of asbestos we're breathing. Selikoff: scheme in USA. (19'05") Rossitor: white asbestos safer & best left where it is, blue & brown need to be removed. Hughes: Bill to rid all public buildings of asbestos. Parents: entrust kids to environment where they think they will be safe TXN/TDT:R4 15-Jun-1987 CON: Taking Part : Eddie Rowe (Staff Safety Officer); Abigail O'Neill (pupil); Janice Lavender & Jeanine Rowe (parents); Melanie Cronin (pupil); Les Perkins (NUPE); Hank Roberts (teacher); Altaff Hussain (parent); Alan Williams (NUT); Ted Cantor (Assoc. of Metropolitan Auths.); Stephen Moorcroft (scientist); Nancy Tate (Soc. for Prevention of Asbestosis & Industrial Diseases); Prof. Irving Selikoff (Mount Sinai Medical Center)WAITE John (spkr) ROWE Eddie (spkr) O'NEILL Abigail (spkr) LAVENDER Janice (spkr) ROWE Jeanine (spkr) CRONIN Melanie (spkr) PERKINS Les (spkr) ROBERTS Hank (spkr) HUSSAIN Altaff (spkr) WILLIAMS Alan (spkr) CANTOR Ted (spkr) MOORCROFT Stephen (spkr) TATE Nancy (spkr) SELIKOFF Irving (spkr) ROSSITOR Charles (spkr) HUGHES Stephen (spkr)