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If asbestos is undamaged and effectively managed then it presents minimal risk to staff and pupils. The safe management of asbestos in schools relies on a good asbestos management plan. It is essential it is good because children are particularly vulnerable to developing disease after an exposure to asbestos.

This gives you enough information to check whether your school's asbestos management is good or not.

Does your school contain asbestos?

If your school was built, refurbished or had maintenance work carried out before 2001, it could contain asbestos. Asbestos was imported into this country until 1999 and was used for a while after that until the stocks in the building yards were used up Any school that has been refurbished, rebuilt or has had maintenance work carried out before about 2001 could contain asbestos. If the school was built before 1985 it is probable that it contains asbestos in one form or another. Schools built after the war until the early 80s are likely to contain large amounts of asbestos. Even if your school is a Victorian building it will have been refurbished or extended at some time or another. If that happened after 1945 and before 1985 then asbestos is likely to have been used. It is possible that it has been until about 2001.

Right to Information
  • State Schools

  • Private Schools

If you or your child attended the school in the past look at this
  • How to check that a plan was in place when you or your child attended the school
  • Guidance has existed since 1967
  • 1976 guidance on making buildings safe
  • 1986 identify and manage asbestos
If you or your child attends the school now look at this
  • Member of Staff Delegated to Oversee all matters to do with Asbestos.
  • Proper Survey Essential
  • Surveyor must be qualified and Experienced
  • Types of Survey
  • Regular Inspections
  • Tell People where asbestos is
  • Making asbestos safe
  • Contingency plan after incident
  • Updating plan
If asbestos has been damaged read this