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Michael Lees MBE has now retired from Asbestos in Schools (AiS) and we will not be updating this site. The research papers and other material will remain on the web for reference. AiS has now set up a new site which is more orientated towards public participation and is at www.asbestosinschools.org.uk. It has a number of current papers on it transferred from this site. - Michael Lees MBE 5 Oct 2015


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We welcome points of substance with evidence, and will do our best to answer them promptly. We cannot deal with generalised matter and opinions. We do not welcome approaches and offers of links that are designed to make money out of the issue of asbestos in schools.

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Email: ml@asbestosexposureschools.co.uk

Experience shows we get commercial "spam" telephone calls if we give our normal telephone number so address and telephone numbers will only be given once matters of substance have been raised by email.