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Asbestos in Schools

BBC Investigation

Quotes from the investigation

BBC Radio Scotland investigated asbestos in schools. Their research was detailed and is presented in a 27 minute investigation.

The time has now lapsed for it to be seen on their website as they only hold it there for a few weeks but they have given us permission to feature it here.

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Michael Lees 4 Jan 2006

“What we are risking with this are young children's lives. The authorities have to be whiter than white, they have to prove to us there is no asbestos not just assume….”
Asbestos expert

“It is absolutely inevitable that the amount of deaths in our school population that is children, cleaners, janitors is going to increase and therefore the number of claims is going to increase in the future as night follows day…..”
Asbestos expert

“If I as a teacher was exposed to it then so also were huge numbers of children that were spending more time than I was in a particular environment. All these children will have grown into adults and are likely to be affected just as I was…”
Teacher with mesothelioma